EXO Clan sign The Neighbours…mostly

Shortly after winning UKIC Division 1 Season 1, the former 7AM core have their second organisation of 2024. James “bevve” Slinn, Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad and William “dobbo” Dobson are the most successful UK core in 2024, with victories at UKIC and EPIC.41 – defeating K10 on both occasions.

Joining them are two new teammates. Marco “MMS” Salomone was acquired from Viperio for an undisclosed fee. The youngster played two stints with the Newcastle-based organisation, including a trip to the BLAST Paris Major RMR; he rejoined them after winning ESL Premiership Autumn 2023 with Raptors Esports Club. Viperio has since benched Reegan “ReegaN” Ward, their last remaining UK player, and exited the UK scene as only coach Daniel “papp” Hart remains.

The Neighbours on stage at EPIC.LAN 41

The other colleague is a name that might be familiar to UK fans: Shiran “shushan” Shushan. The older brother of Vitality star Shahar “flameZ” Shushan. The Israeli AWPer has previously stood in for Endpoint – for whom his brother also played – and BIG Clan – for one game – alongside stints with Adaptation and Team Finest. Shushan has been floating around looking to prove himself for a while, now he has that opportunity. He also stood in for The Neighbours during the last UKIC season but now joins permanently.

The Israeli had been recently plying his trade with domestic organisation NOM Esports who struggled to nail down a core five.

Since EXO signed the roster they have climbed to the top of the UKCSGO rankings and are second to Endpoint on the HLTV regional rankings.

EXO Clan are not a new organisation but has made steps in the UK scene. They were founded in 2020 but curiously, the British organisation were primarily known initially for housing Australian teams in Apex Legends, VALORANT and Rocket League. This EXO signed a UK VALORANT team that won EPIC.LAN 41.

Furthermore, they compete in PUBG, Riot and EA’s shooters alongside CS2, merging with UTFT last year and acquiring Element 6 Esports earlier in 2024. They are backed by PC repair company Invicta Gaming and betting platform, among others.

After a tumultuous start to the year – listen to our interview with bevve to find out more – it is time for the UK boys and their Israeli sniper to do their talking on the server, as they look to retain their domestic title.

EXO Clan are:

James “bevve” Slinn
William “dobbo” Dobson
Adam “Adam9130” Ahmad
Marco “MMS” Salomone
Shiran “shushan” Shushan


We expand EXOllence into yet another title..

Introducing our first ever CS2 roster –

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The dragon sets its eyes on a new land, to be explored, to be conquered.…

— EXO Clan (@EXOClan) April 9, 2024

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