papp: “48 hours after we removed Ifan, Awayken told us he was leaving”

Formally under Raptors EC, Daniel “papp” Hart and his squad made waves in 2023, entering the year as underdogs, and finishing the year as one of the region’s best. At the end of last year, the team decided to leave Raptors EC and join Viperio. Alongside that, they made two roster changes. Firstly they dropped Arkadiusz “ifan” Dabkowski and secondly, they lost Slaven “AwaykeN” Lyubenov to 7AM after Dmitriy “SENSEiShvorak got banned by ESIC for match-fixing.

Heading into the new year Viperio decided to move international picking up Danish AWPer Kim “mAnGo” Larsen and Jan “pandi7o” Holák as their anchor. As Viperio set to compete in the ESL Pro League 19 Qualifiers UKCSGO talks to papp for a “tell all Interview” about the team’s year, their decision to move away from Raptors EC and why they picked up their two new players amongst other topics.