AwaykeN: “I can’t believe it, I’m still shaking”

A true Cinderella run. Raptors EC come from the last open qualifier, beating ITB not only once, but twice. Coming through into ESL Premiership as the fourth seed did not phase them. Beating not only Verdant but also Endpoint in the grand finals. It is a day that they will remember for a long time.

Marco “MMS” Salomone got his dream when he said, “If I wanted to play a team it would have to be Endpoint.” In an intense three-map game, Raptors EC edged out 16-14 on the final map.

After the game had finished UKCSGO spoke to Slaven “AwaykeN” Lyubenov the Bulgarian AWPer who has been on fire this event about how it felt to win, how they kept their cool throughout it all, and what is next for the squad.